Encase Your Life with Something Strong

In the normal, day-to-day activities most of what we do is very regular.  We commute to work.  We do our job. We go to school.  We make meals and do dishes, and other chores.  We do homework.  We practice and compete at our sport. With all that normalcy it would seem that we do not […]

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Earthquake or Small Voice

Have you ever noticed at what times you rejoice in the LORD the most? Every Christian has “events” in their lives that fill their hearts with joy and peace.  Sadly many of these positive events are not long lasting.  Satan will send the screams of temptation and the shrieks of trouble and trials into our […]

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The Good (Perfect?) Christian

Are you a good Christian? While some do not prefer the idea of the “good” Christian, we are going to go with that phrase, because that is how people talk.  You may prefer to simply say “Christian” because as Jesus points out no one is good but God (Mark 10:18).   Others might prefer “dedicated Christian,” […]

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Brittle Clay or Beautiful Sculpture

Paul refers to people as “jars of clay” (2 Corinthians 4).  He speaks about jars of clay to remind us that the gospel of Jesus is a great treasure but that when it comes to living in that treasure or using that treasure we are clay.  We are earth that has been molded, yet God […]

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Swimming in the Pool/Cesspool of the World

In your exuberance to explore and experience, the world intrigues you with what is new and you desire to try it.  You are energized by trying out what you haven’t tried before.  What you have done is considered old and normal. Christians embrace the world the LORD created Christians cannot turn away from life and […]

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Realize that Your Faith is Rich not General

Your faith, your relationship with Jesus, cannot remain a general concept in your head or heart.  Your faith cannot remain a Sunday School or even catechism level concept (Hebrews 5:13-14).  Your faith and relationship with Jesus is very special.  Your relationship with Jesus is a pearl of great price, a treasure. When you perceive your […]

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Live YOUR Christian Faith

The first tool to help you fight against Satan’s destructive, twisting, warping nature is to live YOUR Christian faith. Many people as they move into their 20-something years or retain their youth in heart do not realize that their relationship with Jesus and their faith does not hold-over from their parents, relatives, peers, or anyone. […]

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Being Young and Young at Heart

One of the great qualities about being young is that there are so many things in the world to explore – so many things to enjoy.  The future is filled with hope. You want to do it all.  You want to see it all.  You are still intrigued by what is around you.  You still […]

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Heroes with Weaknesses

The Bible has a unique perspective when speaking about Christian heroes – it points out the weaknesses of some of the major heroes of the faith.  A cynical saying is that the victor writes the history – the victor demonizes the losers and aggrandizes and moralizes his victory.  With that in mind, Scripture should have […]

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