Encase Your Life with Something Strong

In the normal, day-to-day activities most of what we do is very regular.  We commute to work.  We do our job. We go to school.  We make meals and do dishes, and other chores.  We do homework.  We practice and compete at our sport.

With all that normalcy it would seem that we do not need to follow the plan “faith  /  action  / faith.”  Is faith needed as a part of all of our normal, daily activities?

Approach life with faith / action / faith

In all of our pursuits, whether daily or special, I recommend that we follow this procedure – 1) Do everything with faith and trust in the LORD as our beginning;  2) apply all of the talents, abilities, and thought to getting a project or task done, and accomplishing our goals; and 3) complete that task with the confidence that we have done what we could and with trust in the LORD that he will bless the effort.

Truly, even Christians find it easy to leave off points (1) and (3).  We like to reserve faith for Sunday mornings or maybe a few minutes each day that we conduct our prayers or devotions.  Most people will more fully bring the LORD into daily life when they are facing a really serious situation – an illness, a layoff, a financial concern, and the like.

When we are hard pressed, then we cling to the LORD.  Certainly, “Call upon the LORD in the day of trouble.”

Placing the LORD as a part of all of our tasks is best. 

Never limit the LORD’s part in our lives to only once a week or a few times a week.  Jesus redeemed us.  Jesus is with us every day.  Jesus has given us eternal life.  There is no reason to limit his love or our reverence to only a few times a week.  That’s like needing to do a job and leaving our best tools home.  We would not do that in real life, why do it in our spiritual life which is more important than all the daily, normalcy or even problems in our life.

We understand the concept that faith doesn’t seem to be that important when life and events are normal.  “Why bring the LORD in?” we think.   Finish the tasks and move on, we think.

Remember, though, who it is that gives us the blessings of all the day-to-day tasks that we do?  It is the LORD.  Who is it that has given us the abilities and mind to carry out those tasks?  The LORD.  Who is it that keeps those things normal and peaceful?  That, too, is the LORD’s work.

Even those most painfully boring activities, completely normal activities that we do, are to be encased in faith.  We want to acknowledge and trust the LORD as we go about our most basic and daily activities.

The passage, So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God (1 Corinthians 10:31) points out that even the most daily and regular tasks of our world, are to be done for God’s glory.

Many people live, “worry / action / worry.”

If we have ever worried about something we have carried out the plan “worry / action / worry,” the opposite of what I recommend.

When there is something that causes us to worry, we cannot let it go.  We do all of our regular tasks, but every-so-often, possibly very often, we come back and “chew on” what worries us.  We may even arrive at a momentary resolution, but later the same worry comes up again and we go through it again.  When we dwell upon a worry, we are encasing our life and actions in that worry.  Such “negative meditation” is easy for most of us to do but will not do anyone any good.

Other “cases” for our life’s actions

Some will use anger as the spirit with which they encase their life.  They go about their activities but always the point of their anger arises – “anger / action / anger.”

Let’s not forget some of the other popular life styles …. “hatred / action / hatred,” …  “depression / action / depression,” …  “self-loathing / action / self-loathing,” … “lust / action / lust,” etc.  All of these preceding are ways a person may “encase” their life.

With what do you “encase” the actions of your life? 

Maybe there are a few things with which we encase our lives, so honestly recognize the items that encase the actions of our life.  Be willing to note the negative and, I hope for many, the positive things with which we encase our actions.

Encase the actions of Our life with Faith

Positively, encase our daily activities with our faith and trust in the LORD.  Positively, come back to the LORD during our daily activities too.    Then, we are encasing our life in the faith in the LORD.

This is rebuilding the Foundational Structure of our Reactions

Each of us wants to recognize the place of Christ Jesus in our life and rebuild our reactions around our faith rather than around the normal reactions of the world.

When we take part in all the normal activities and all the hectic activities encase our work with faith.  We are still to be the competent, active, hardworking, and talented man or woman we have always been.  We are adding to those great qualities and our hard work faith and trust in the LORD.

  • Think about our daily activities in terms of our LORD. The LORD has given us the ability to work and do, and blesses our work.  Reflect upon and keep that truth in mind.
  • Periodically during the day thank the LORD for what he has allowed us to do. Or, thank the LORD for the blessing of having a job or the ability to go to school.
  • As we carry out a task take a moment to pray that the work will go well.
  • When we perceive sin in us don’t try to hide or ignore sin. Be humble about our sin and repent of it.  Try to put things in place to fight our sins when they are recurring.
  • Have a general attitude of trust of the LORD throughout our entire day. We work hard then mindfully realize that the LORD is the one who blesses.

The above suggestions are not the whole list.  Each of us needs to consider those daily moments and what we can do when we can take a moment to reflect upon the LORD.  Which ways of coming to the LORD daily are positive to you?  Apply those.

The less we encase our daily activities in faith, the more we will live as if the LORD is not important to us.

The larger the task, even a task with which we are quite familiar, should be even more encased in faith.  We know our life and our abilities, but still the LORD is the beginning and the strength of our talents.

The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and I am helped.  (Psalm 28:7a, NIV ‘87).

With the love and blessing of the LORD in mind, encase your life with something strong, faith and the LORD.


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