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Innocence and Courage

Two images of the Christmas Jesus may stir your spirit. The Common View The traditional image presents Jesus the new born lying in the manger in Bethlehem.  In that baby we see innocence, peace, and love.  The LORD has sent his one and only Son to be part of our too often troubled world.  In […]

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10 “Skiing Techniques” to Stay Above the Avalanche

These following points are not rules, but tools for you to consider.  After examining this list, if you perceive ideas that will help you “ski above the avalanche” of Christmas clutter and franticness, good!  The main point is to celebrate Christmas and keep our Christ centered focus. Also notice that cutting back is not one […]

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Ski Above the Avalanche

We have come again to the beginning of a very spiritual season, the Christmas season.  Advent and Christmas should move our heart to regroup and refocus on what the LORD knows truly matters.   Step Back from Daily Survival and Ski Although past, and to be complete, keep in mind the spiritual emphases that Thanksgiving […]

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