Ski Above the Avalanche

We have come again to the beginning of a very spiritual season, the Christmas season.  Advent and Christmas should move our heart to regroup and refocus on what the LORD knows truly matters.


Step Back from Daily Survival and Ski

Although past, and to be complete, keep in mind the spiritual emphases that Thanksgiving urges.  The Thanksgiving celebration encourages us to step back from daily survival of life and  1) look at the LORD who is more important than things and 2) thank the LORD for our many blessings.  Every day we live the “same old grind,” and we endure almost the same schedule, the same worries, and the same old desires for relevance.  We are so surrounded by the blizzard of daily wants and desires that we forget to see the LORD’s blessings.  Much of life is good.  Most of the events are worthwhile.  Still we feel encased and frozen by all the events, wants, desires, and expectations.

Ski above the avalanche of events that pile up around us, encasing us with snow and freezing our heart. Thanksgiving reminds us of our blessings (not perfect blessings but many blessings) that we can enjoy as families, and share with others. Thanksgiving encourages spiritual refreshment by thanking the LORD for all our blessings and rejoicing in them.  Thanksgiving encourages spiritual renewal by getting us to look outside of ourselves and perceive the love of God for our daily life.


Don’t Get Buried by the Avalanche

We continue the spiritual season as we refocus our hearts on the preparation of the Christ child’s coming to save all mankind.  Again, we need to ski above the avalanche of worldly life and rejoice in the blessings of the Christmas season.

Truly, all the preparations for Christmas are great!  The decorations, the presents, the music, the gatherings of family and friends and all the traditions that we have are meant to make our celebration deeper, more joyful, and more beautiful.

Yet so many good things can become part of the avalanche that buries us.

Satan likes to ruin all those good events and traditions of the season.  Satan strives to turn all our good events into a blizzard that piles up, surrounds our spirit, and freezes our hearts.  He works to turn the depth of Advent and Christmas into frozen, shallow habit.  The devil strives to freeze the fun and joy and pile up the avalanche of frustration, hectic frenzy, and debt.  The Ice Dragon freezes the beauty of Advent and Christmas with the ugliness of over-stressed-anger and sin.


The True Energy for Skiing is Jesus

Ski above the avalanche by recognizing that Jesus still is the core of all we pursue this season.  The Babe in Bethlehem still is the truth that began the LORD’s plan of forgiveness and redemption.  The infant king dug into the avalanche of sin with which Satan freezes the world.  Baby Jesus came to bring such a great heat that melts the snow tomb of sin in lives and makes it possible for us to be in the kingdom of the LORD.   Even though Satan attempts to tell us that the marvelous events of the Christmas season are useless and excessive, the LORD continues to warm our hearts with his grace so that we can ski above the avalanche with which Satan wishes to bury us.

During Advent and Christmas there will always be the temptations to get buried by the season so we need to ski above the snow.  To ski above the avalanche of events, traditions, and expectations know that the true energy of the season is Christ Jesus the Savior.  With Jesus as the center of our preparation and season we may still have some feelings of hectic frenzy – of the avalanche.  Yet, always remember, state and apply the truth – the Gracious LORD is sending his son to destroy the freezing done by sin, Satan and the world.

Ski above all the hectic frenzy of activity that freezes our hearts.  Reengage with the truth that Jesus came as Savior.

Ski above the mind numbing pace of the season.  Re-energize in Christ with the truth that Jesus has broken into the frozen tundra of our sin to thaw us by the forgiveness of sins.

Ski above the events that drain the enthusiasm and joy from our heart.  Re-vitalize your enthusiasm and joy with the trust that the gospel revitalizes our strength.


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