Innocence and Courage

Two images of the Christmas Jesus may stir your spirit.

The Common View

The traditional image presents Jesus the new born lying in the manger in Bethlehem.  In that baby we see innocence, peace, and love.  The LORD has sent his one and only Son to be part of our too often troubled world.  In our hectic world we like to see the innocence of the Savior, and perceive the peace that he gives, and rejoice in the love of God in our newborn Savior.  The LORD has sent his son to save all people.  The traditional picture of Jesus stirs our spirits to the love and warmth of this special time.  All who believe in him will have forgiveness and eternal life.


The Courageous View

The image of Jesus which appeals to many guys does not lose the love, innocence, or  peace of the babe, but adds his courage and protection of all mankind.   Certainly this image appeals to the ladies too, but it will especially engage guys. This image of the baby might better place the new born in armor, for like a man dedicated to his family, Jesus would defend the people he loves against the enemies we could not fight.

Along with his “peaceful qualities” the babe of Bethlehem also had the strength and courage of his Father in heaven.  He came to defeat sin during his life and also defeat sin by his death on the cross. He came to defeat death by healing those who were sick, raising the dead, and finally rising himself from death healing all who would hear and believe of their eternal death.  By his death and resurrection Jesus came to destroy the devil.

Like many people, especially guys, the baby would have the courage and strength to defend the people he loves.  His coming, his life, and his death were for all people – we pray that they all would hear and believe.  His coming, his life and his death are most special for those who trust Jesus as Savior.

Which image of Jesus encourages your spirit to grasp the deepest meaning of Christmas?  If you prefer the qualities of innocence, peace and love, rejoice in those truths.  If you also like his courage and protection, be sure to rejoice in those truths.  Still, in all cases, we celebrate the Savior, the Son of God, born to all people.


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