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Pages from the Diary of Judas, Known as the Betrayer

Why wouldn’t Jesus just take his rightful position as Savior of Judea. If he had, I would never have tried to force his decision, but someone had to make Jesus realize the high goal for which he was born and blessed by the LORD. You know me as Judas Iscariot, the son of Simon the […]

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The Judas Dynamic

Judas was not 1) an innocent bystander to the betrayal of Jesus, 2) a manipulated puppet whom God needed to demonize for all time, or 3) elected or damned by God from eternity to be the meat that betrayed the Son of God. The dynamic which moved Judas to come to Jesus, study with him, […]

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Spice Up Your Life

Various events, people, tasks, or hobbies spice up our lives, motivates our lives, fill our lives with zest, passion, and with zing? Just as adding spices to cooking can make a dish magnificent, the spices in our lives will add zip, zing, and passion to our lives. Some of the spices in our personal spice […]

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