Gospel Weed Killer for Your Garden

Those dedicated to lawns and gardens invest a great deal of energy working that the grass is green,Dandelion cut lush, weed less, and cut. Those interested in flowers plan their beds. They contemplate and then decide which flowers to plant so that they have a nice mixture of flowers all summer long. They weed their flower beds to keep the green-invaders out. At times rodents who might want to eat the flowers need to be dealt with. The result of lawn and garden care is that the home has beautiful flowers and a lush lawn to enjoy.

Such care and thought above is exactly what God works to accomplish with each of his people. God wants us to have lush lives, healthy, and thick. He wants us to beautifully bloom like our favorite flowers. The LORD gives thought to our lives and works in us to encourage our growth. He wants us to treat our spiritual life with the same care he does and be like the active care that some give their lawns and gardens.

Sadly, just as our lawns and gardens face weeds and rodents, our spiritual lives face the weeds and rodents of sin. Some of the spiritual challenges (weeds) we face grow from within us (our own sinful nature), and some come from without us like rodents or weed seeds blown in by the wind.


Weeds Grow Faster

Which grows faster the weeds, or your grass and flowers? Most certainly, the weeds do. The elements of sin in the world and in our own life are like the weeds and grow faster than the godly things in our lives that we want to grow.   We plant good seed and diligently water and fertilize, yet, the weeds still spring up faster.


Weeds will Smother the Good Plants

If we are not weeding, the weeds will grow taller and weaken and chock out the good plants we have planted. Sin from the world and in our own lives strives to smother the godly qualities in our lives.


Weeds are Carried In

We may have worked very hard to eliminate the weeds in our lawns and gardens, yet more will soon arrive. We certainly did not plant the weed seeds. In some cases the seeds might have been dormant. Some weeds may have been brought in by the wind or even dropped off the fir of rodents. Our sin can act similarly. We apply the faith that the LORD has given us. We work to grow in faith and in life. Yet sin keeps springing up in our lives.


Romans 7 about Weeds

The tenaciousness of weeds is undeniable. The good seed we want to grow can so easily lose the struggle against the weeds in our gardens. We could easily paraphrase Paul in Romans, chapter 7: “The good seeds I planted are not the ones that grow up. The weeds I wish to pull out and eliminate from my garden, from myself, those are the seeds that so easily grow.” The good seeds of godliness we want to grow can so easily lose the struggle against the sin-weeds in our lives. The sin-weeds in our lives also can seemingly be more powerful than the good seed that the LORD plants.


Jesus is Greater than the Weeds in Us

That we must deal with tenacious weeds should not stop us from trying to have nice yards and gardens and beautiful flowers. A devoted gardener will keep working and using the tools that they have available. The same needs to be said for us and our sins. Certainly, the sinful nature in us, the sin of the world around us, and the temptations of Satan and his demonic buddies, are strong. Yet we have one who is stronger – Christ Jesus the Savior. You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world (1 John 4:4).


Apply the Gospel to the Weeds in Our Garden

With those above words Jesus leads us to the strength that we have against the sinful weeds – those which grow within and those which come from without. The faith in Christ we have, the gospel of forgiveness we have, and the strength of the Gospel over the sin in our lives are God’s tools for spiritual weed control. When dealing with weeds, the laws of God are the tools that point out the difference between a weed and godly seed. When we see the ungodly/the weed in our life we will repent and apply the weed control tools of the Gospel forgiveness of Christ to pull that weed out of the ground of our being. Continue to apply the gospel strength of Christ to our being and grow godly plants where sin once rooted. When we see the godly in our lives, continue to encourage that good plant with the Gospel of Christ. Remember, a healthy, Christian spirit needs the care, the fertilizer and strengthening of God’s Word and sacraments to do well.


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