The LORD made a Transformer

Many boys and girls are familiar with transformers.   They were cool cars, trucks, or planes that could

Transformer is a trademark of Hasbro.

Transformer is a trademark of Hasbro.

transform into different kinds of robots. Some were small and needed only a few twists to bring out the robot. Some were bigger and more complex but kids would figure out what to rotate to get the robot figure.

God also has made a transformer, but nothing that becomes a robot. He has transformed a cross into marvelous tree, the tree of his kingdom in which all people can rest and Christians do rest.

In one of Jesus’ parables (Matthew 13:31,32; Mark 4:30-32; and Luke 13:18,19) he tells us that his kingdom is like a mustard seed. It may start small, but when planted it grows into the largest of garden plants and becomes a tree. It is large enough that the birds may rest in its shade.

So many times the kingdom of God may look small and the world may want to keep it small, but it will grow. God’s word will have an impact and the kingdom will grow. Also, do not forget the truth that God’s kingdom is for our rest – rest from sin and death.

That marvelous tree of God’s kingdom in which we can rest, began with a tree of suffering and sacrifice. Jesus died on that “tree” to pay for the sins of all people. Even more, the LORD took a tree of curse and death, and transformed it into a tree of grace and life. That is the most marvelous transformatio01 cross transformedn. The curse and death and sin would not have been transformed unless Jesus had taken the cross upon himself. Our transformation to people of God is only because Jesus took that cross and by his life, death, and blood transformed it into grace, forgiveness, and life.

In the high-definition imaging system that is your brain first picture a cross and Jesus on that cross dying for your sins. Of course, do not leave that image dying there, but transform that cross into a big tree in which people can rest, and transform that image of God’s suffering son into an image of a resurrected and ascended son blessing his people resting in that tree.

What God has transformed for us and what the LORD has transformed in us is marvelous. All that the LORD has changed from something tied to death into a blessing for life, is fantastic.


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