Decreasing the 15 in Your Life

God uses the number ten in Scripture to describe something that is complete. For this point let’s use the number 10 to describe a human life that is full and happy. The ideal human life and schedule is the number ten.

As you examine your own life, would you speak of your life as a ten, a nine, a twenty, or some other number. Anything above ten says that your life is greatly cluttered and your schedule is unmanageable or almost so.

Our schedules may occasionally jump to a higher level of activity, but when the jump becomes continuous, our joy and happiness may decrease. If you are one of those people who through no fault of your own continually have an activity level of 11 or higher, remember to give even more time to the Lord Jesus and his Word. When our lives are hectic the LORD is more imperative. The higher the number of activities and schedule problems in our lives, the more imperative Jesus becomes.

Sadly, when some become hectic and overwhelmed they try to cut back on their clutter and the first thing to go seems to be the LORD.

Imagine you speak about your life as a 15, a continuous 15. Adding to that, there are times when your life jumps to a 20, and later settles back to 15. Trying to simplify you need to cut back or “go crazy,” or you are might “burnout.” What are you going to do? Many people cut back on church and their relationship with the LORD. They might say, “Well at least I have Sunday morning to relax before my hectic schedule begins again Sunday afternoon.

Cutting back on Jesus on a Sunday is easy to do. There are no immediate or harsh consequences. Your neighbors and friends would probably do the same thing. You don’t want to cut back on a sport, or how many sports you allow your children to be involved in, or all your visits with friends, or be willing to stagger household chores. Church and Jesus are easy to cut out.

Cutting out the LORD can easily become the habit

Give some thought to the following questions:

  • What truly gives fullness to the life of my family and my life?
  • What will be best for my relationship with my spouse?
  • What level of activity plus my Christian emphases will bless my kids and family, and help us to realize the importance of Jesus and the church in our lives?
  • Am I in too many things? Are my children doing too many things

No one can tell you how many activities should fill your life. No one can tell you how full your schedule should be. Yet whatever level of activity, however full your schedule, be sure to find time for Jesus, the church, your spiritual life, and the kingdom of God.


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