Veiled by Frustration

We may be tempted to say, “If God allows this to happen in my life and he is supposed to be a loving God, I want nothing to do with him.”

Satan likes for us to be so wrapped up in the troubles of our lives that we begin to blame02 Frustration veil God. Many of us have faced health issues, economic troubles, job layoffs and slowdowns, possibly even some tragedies – each of these can be awful.

While we cannot say with complete confidence what God intends for the troubles that happen in our lives, we know what Satan’s goal is. He will use every trouble, to encourage us to stay away from God, Jesus, and the Gospel.

The Lord may want an illness to redirect us to what is really important in our life. Maybe we have become so wrapped up in our little world that the LORD wants us to look outside ourselves. Or he may want that illness to encourage us to take a close look at the way our life is going and make some needed changes. Satan wants us to become so enwrapped in the trouble that we forget about God and his Word and maybe even stay away from the Word.

We may be facing trouble at work – layoffs slowdowns, difficult work associate, etc. God may have planned that this trial is to be transition, a “course correction,” for us into a better situation. Satan will want to use the trouble to get us angry at God and worried about our life.

Some of the challenges we face may actually have nothing to do with God, but may be the natural consequence of a life-style choice that we have made. Satan will want to use that situation for us to blame God, not honestly see what affect our own choices have had in our life, and Satan will discourage us from repenting and looking to God for forgiveness and help.

Do not allow Satan to manipulate you, to take the challenges, frustrations, troubles, or even worse, awful events that enter our life to hide Jesus, his cross, or his Word.

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose (Romans 8:28).


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