Camouflaged by Cultural Morality

Since a large group of people in any country are unbelievers, Satan likes to manipulate the cultural morals so that what God says in his word seems bad and what the world says is04 Cultural veil right. In this way the devil encourage people to stay away from what God has said because a majority in the culture are against the Lord’s ways. When those who are the movers and shakers, the well known and the “beautiful,” then “regular people listen to them and ignore what Christianity is all about.

God wants sexuality to be special but the world speaks of sexuality as two people hooking up whenever it suits them and breaking up when they want to move on.

God speaks of human life as beginning at conception, but the world declares that in the womb all we have is a viable tissue mass. Some go so far as to say that pregnancy is a disease. They will not apply this same veil in the animal kingdom – since eagles are protected they will say that breaking an egg is killing an eagle – no double talk about viable tissue mass enters the discussion.

In both of the above cases and in more the world asserts that what God says is wrong and what the world asserts is true. He uses the world’s attitudes as a veil to hide what God says and even asserts that God is wrong.

Anyone who does not believe God has made him out to be a liar, because he has not believed the testimony God has given about his Son 1 John 5:10.


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