God’s Cure for Spiritual Poisoning

Oddly, human nature has an ability to destroy itself.  We are not talking about war, but what human nature can do to its own, individual heart and life.  We have an ability to self-poison our heart.

Human nature has inherent character flaws that poison the heart.  Some people have a good self-confidence, but that good quality is warped into arrogance. Healthy self-respect morphs into being self-centered (all people have this issue).   Normal desires and great joys are transformed into lusts.  Small angers grow and multiply into entrenched angers and rage.  Positive leadership characteristics decay into a self-serving desire to “lord it” over others.  A willingness to work hard and improve your life becomes greed.    Love and concern for others devolves into love of self.  Love for spouse mutates into daily routine.

When our heart poisons itself as just described, our heart and nature becomes hard, calloused, peace-less, hopeless, trapped, meaningless and empty.  Some people may not find themselves in a deep canyon of despair, but many find themselves in the valleys of emptiness and know that there is more to life and who they are.

In the Christian church we refer to the above poisons as sin, as human sinful nature in action, and as the consequences of sin.

God’s answer to the ongoing emptiness of life is Jesus, the Savior.  God’s message of forgiveness through Jesus paying for sin is the gospel message people need to soften their heart and gain relief for the emptiness.  God’s mercy, love, hope, and peace is the antidote to the poisons of heart.

Human nature will always turn 90% towards self-interest, self-focus and towards all the hard qualities mentioned above.  Jesus and the gospel are necessary in two ways.  First, a person needs the gospel to change the hardness and self-focus in the heart to a Gospel / forgiveness focus.  Second, once that Gospel / forgiveness change begins, then the gospel continues to encourage a positive life of hope, peace, mercy, love, and action.

Jesus wants all people to have forgiveness, new life with him, and a heart that is filled with the Gospel not poison.  As Jesus said, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28).  Paraphrasing the preceding passage – “And Jesus said, come to me, all of you who are weary because your heart is being poisoned and hardened.  I will give you forgiveness and a healthy spirit.”


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