Marriage Mirrors the Kingdom

As the Lord unpacks more of his sacrificial plan for marriage he focuses upon the work of husband, which of course in application, wives should also note.  Ephesians 5:27-29 encourages the husband to make his wife “radiant” based on Jesus’ work to make the church radiant.

27 and to present her to himself as a radiant church, without stain or wrinkle or any other blemish, but holy and blameless. 28 In this same way, husbands ought to love their wives as their own bodies. He who loves his wife loves himself. 29 After all, no one ever hated his own body, but he feeds and cares for it, just as Christ does the church …

A way to apply God’s encouragement is to perceive marriage and the home as a refuge and a place of peace for husband, wife, and the children, a refuge against the chaos of the world.  When the home is a refuge it is taking part in making husband, wife and children “more radiant.”  When our lady has a bad day, the husband is to “have her back” and be a comfort to her.  When our man has a bad day, the wife is to “have his back” and be a comfort to him.  The same is true for mom and dad, when the kids have a bad day.  Truly, husband and wife are to be each other’s greatest cheerleaders, greatest encouragers – helping each other to be radiant.

When our marriage is a refuge, then it mirrors the kingdom of God in a couple’s life than rather reflecting the principles of the world.  The LORD provides love, forgiveness of sins, peace, joy, and comfort for our lives – or as the Ephesians 5:29 says at the end, “…just as Christ does the church.”  Our marriage is to mirror love, forgiveness of sins, peace, joy, and comfort in our relationships as husbands and wives, and with our children.

The World can be Nuts

The world can be kind of nuts.  Our schedules can be chaotic.  Too many times, we have little or no control over what goes on around us.  Since God has made marriage and family to be a refuge against the chaos, we need to realize that Satan will do all he can to turn marriage and family into anything but a refuge.  We don’t want to dwell upon the negative, but Satan will try to tear apart every marriage.  The world around us may “feel” tense, troubled and hopeless.  Together, in marriage a redeemed husband and wife can stand together against all that the devil tosses at them.   We can encourage each other and we can “have each other’s back.”

Another temptation that we face in life is to treat others around us, or those we meet professionally, to treat them with greater respect and patience than we treat our spouse.  Possibly we treat others better than our spouse because we need them professionally and they might go to someone else – whereas we know that our spouse will deal with us and put up with us.  Possibly we treat spouse worse because we are finally all worn out and what our spouse does or doesn’t do just pushes us over the edge of patience and calm.  Possibly the event at home that “pushes us over the edge of control” is something that our spouse has done in the past that irritates us and the accumulated troubles of the day just explode from our mouths.  Honestly look at yourself and perceive those times when you have treated others better than you treat the person to whom you are married and committed.  Be honest and note what has happened.

One husband was a dedicated community leader, youth volunteer and was a dedicated pilot protecting our southern borders.  For several months in a row he would be serving and flying for our country.  When he came home he would be of great service in the community – especially as a youth coach and mentor.  Yet, he seldom spent any time with his wife when he was home.  He was very guilty of treating others and in this case his own work (which was very important) more respectfully than his own wife.  Sadly, the marriage ended in divorce.

The way your treat your professional clients, the way you focus on your work or your business, and the ways you are involved in the community are important (on a scale of 1-10, about a 6 or 7).  Yet, in the future when you cease being so involved, you will be fondly remembered for a while, but then overlooked and someone else will take your place.  The spouse you have and the children you raise are a more important legacy and longer lasting legacy than all the professional things we do.  Certainly do a good job at all which you do.  At the same time, spend more time, love, patience, and respect with your spouse and your children.

Treating someone in business or in the community better than your spouse does not build up your spouse, does not help him/her to be joyful or radiant.

Marriage, An Expression of Godliness

God has made marriage to be a small, personal, family expression of godliness in love and relationship.  God wants us to have love for all, especially for the closest people in our lives, our family.  God wants us to act righteously in our lives and especially among our family.  Forgiveness and patience are central values that the Lord has and he wants us to have those same values, especially in our families.




4 Responses to “Marriage Mirrors the Kingdom”

  1. Tough luck for the singles, who now outnumber married couples. I guess they’re incomplete and not living the ideal lives and might as well be outside of the Kingdom of God.

    • Thanks for the comment. In case of this writing I was speaking about the positive truths about marriage in a society which degrades marriage too often. I have also written more about the spiritual growth of individuals and the blessings that the Lord has provided them. As far as singles being incomplete, I would not say that. If you have that feeling I am sad to hear that. All single Christians are to be solidly for the Lord as Christians whether married or not. if they finally choose to be married at some time I want them to know about two very important points about their marriage. Thanks for the comment. Have a great day.

      • In the Christian circles I’m from, it’s always marriage, marriage, marriage all the time. Everything they do marriage and family oriented, so much so, that singles of all ages seem to be sidelined. It’s only when they get married do they get any attention at all. So to hear yet another Christian praising marriage yet again – it’s yet another reminder of how incomplete my life must be and how God’s not coming through for me as he has everyone else.

      • Please forgive me for not knowing your situation. I cannot presume to know your’s or your congregation’s situation. If the Lord has guided you to be single, then rejoice in that. Both being single and married offers blessings and challenges. This time I chose to focus on marriage.

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