Crashing the Reality of Sin

Our sinful natures have an ability to ignore sin and think of reasons why what God has told us not to do, we can do.  Satan asked Eve, “Did God really say …”  The devil’s question is just the first excuse for setting aside what God has said so that she could eat the fruit.  Since that first excuse there have been at least ten other common excuses to justify the heart and mind of those who wish to ignore God’s will.

Accept Me as I Am

Recently one of the sinful nature’s rationalizations to excuse sin rose up and bit me.  While there may be a number of wordings, the excuse sounds like this, “Accept me without judgement.”  This rationalization commands us to ignore and accept whatever that person does and says, because that is who they are.  No thought can be given to what is right or wrong.  No concerns can be stated about godliness or sinful nature.  Just accept me for who I am without question and without thought, certainly without spiritual discernment.

All of us are a mixture of many qualities and characteristics.  Even so, the sinful nature in all of us works to make as many of those qualities and characteristics to be as sinful and rebellious against God as possible.  Even many of our godly qualities are mixed with the junk of sin.  That mixing of good qualities with the junk of sin is where Satan asserts his lie.  As long as there is something good about us, then we are tempted to think that the bad qualities don’t count or should not be counted.

Take Yourself Apart.

For spiritual honesty a person need to “take themselves apart.” They want to use God’s Word and will to show them where their heart, mind, spirit, and actions have strayed from God.  They need to see and recognize the sin and see and recognize the good qualities that are there.  Only by such honesty can you truthfully deal with the sin and build on the good qualities.

A person who loves to compete is not sinning.  Still he or she should “take themselves apart,” and examine their love of competition.  Where has Satan encouraged us to abuse competition?  Has competition become more important than God’s will to “love your neighbor as yourself”?  Has love of competition become a desire to crush anyone who stands in your way?  In marriage has your competitive nature become the desire to always win over your spouse rather than to love him/her?  But a person who competes in every aspect of their lives and in the process works to crush their competition and be dishonest in order to win has mixed their good quality with a lot of sin.

Someone who is a great businessman or woman is not sinning.  They also want to “take themselves apart” to check for sin.  Has greed, trickery, dishonesty, or lying to make a sale become your norm.  Then, in an attempt to rationalize ungodly business you assert,  “It’s just business.”  We want to be willing to see ourselves through the honesty of Scripture, “take ourselves apart,” deal with the sin, and build up the good quality.

Having the talents to be a great athlete is tremendous.  Cheating at your sport or manipulating others for your own athletic gain, is not godly.  “Take yourself apart,” discard the ungodly and build up the godly.

For a person to assert that they are not accepted fully for who they are, but then at the same time wish their less godly characteristics to be ignored, is making an excuse.

Be Honest with God and Yourself

We want to be honest with God and ourselves.  Take yourself apart and examine who you are and the qualities that make up “you.”  Those parts that are sin, discard them, adjust them.  Those characteristics that are godly, build up and apply all the more.

22 You were taught, with regard to your former way of life, to put off your old self, which is being corrupted by its deceitful desires; 23 to be made new in the attitude of your minds; 24 and to put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness.  (Ephesians 5:22-24).


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