Archive | July, 2016

The LORD is Our Strength

A recent devotion correctly asserted that when life is hard and difficult then look to Jesus for strength.  The author could have referenced a number of texts that encourage us to trust the Lord in times of trouble.  One such text says, The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, […]

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Stay Strong in the Word

The greatest gift that God has given is Jesus, his son, who died for our sins.  Through the forgiveness of sins all believers have eternal life in heaven.  If eternal life was the only reason to know Jesus, the Bible and the Christian faith, we would be well blessed.  Our lives, let’s say all 100 […]

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What’s Truly Necessary

The kingdom-of-me is like the man, Tom, who decided to clean up his office of all the clutter.  He filed papers that needed filing and recycled others.  He discarded old and unnecessary files – about half his filing cabinet was recycled.  He discarded books and three ring binders that he did not need.  Old pictures […]

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