The Story of the Bag of Compost Continues

Jim turned around in anger and left the cheerful lights and sounds behind.  “How arrogant of that woman and the owner of the house to reject him,’ he thought.  ‘I have my pride.  I am not going to be pushed around and told what to do!  I have my bag.  I want my own bag.  No one will force me to get rid of my bag.  It doesn’t matter if my bag is filled with flowers, tennis shoes, or computers.  I will keep what is my own!’

The woman at the door yelled out as he left, “Why are you clinging to a bag of compost and maggots. Drop the bag and come on in, enjoy the party.”  She watched Jim storm off into the forest.  Shaking her head in sadness, she shut the door and went into the party.

Jim was not going to be off put.  He was now determined to get into the party.

He grabbed a big rock and threw it through a large window.  The window shattered leaving a hole large enough for Jim to pass through.  Jim grabbed his bag and went to jump through the window, only to bounce off and back onto the grass.

Jim was very athletic so he chose a side of the house that had good footholds and hand holds.  He climbed the wall to the very top carrying his bag.  He attempted to put a leg over the wall but it could not cross.  He shimmied along the wall and tried to get over at many spots.  But his leg could not cross that invisible barrier.

As he climbed down the wall the lady from the door opened a window and said, “All you have to do is get rid of the bag and come in.”

When she left the window open, Jim shimmied over too it, but still could not enter.

You know, Jim thought.  If I attach a zip line near an open place in the wall, I might be able to gain enough speed and power to get through whatever is stopping me.   Fortunately, he did not try to attach the zip line too high.  He bounced off the opening and fell to the ground.

The woman from the door looked out a nearby window and with concern said, “Are you all right?”

Jim responded with a grumpy, “I’m fine” and then said under his breath, “With no help from you!”

Still looking concerned she sighed, “All you have to do is drop the sack and come in.”

Jim kept his bag of compost and maggots and moved on to his next idea.

Maybe all I need is to get higher and over the wall’s force field, Jim reasoned.  The catapult he made was a great bit of engineering.  He grabbed his bag – it seemed bigger and more compost.  Even the maggots seemed bigger.  He sat in the catapult basket, engaged the mechanism and up he soared.

Indeed, he was higher than the wall.  “I’m going to make it.  No force field is going to keep me out of that house.  I’ll show them!  I do hope that I land in a soft spot” Jim thought at the last minute.

His landing was softer than he expected, but he was not on the ground, nor inside the courtyard.  He was looking down at the ground as if he was standing on a domed courtyard.  He stamped on the “dome.”  He wandered around for along time looking for a way through and down.  No way down was found.  Finally, Jim slid on the dome to the edge of the wall and climbed down.

The door keeper opened the door and started to speak.  Jim beat her to the words and with a voice of ridicule said, “All I need to do is leave the bag and come in.  Yeah, I know!”

God’s way to enter the kingdom is so simple – place your sins on Jesus, he has paid for them.  Drop that bag of compost and maggots and enter through the door.  You can’t sneak into the house.  You can’t develop clever schemes or contraptions and get pass God’s Will for none of our actions can bypass the death that we carry around because of sin.  God is not trying to be controlling but our sin is trying to control us.  God is not trying to enslave us, but Satan wants to enslave us with  that bag of compost and maggots to which we are so attached.

Need the words of the woman be said again?  Drop the bag. Trust Jesus.  Come through the door.  It is so much simpler.

[God] wants everyone to be saved and to understand the truth (1 Timothy 2:4).


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