Archive | November, 2016

Willfully Sow the Seed We Want to Grow

After we determine the spiritual results we want …   After we decide what we wish to reap… After we have chosen which dog we want to feed and turn loose in our life … now, …Willfully Sow the Seed We Want to Grow. We honestly need to meditate upon the LORD’s will in our life.  […]

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Willfully Sow Godly Character

Another central component to sowing to please our sinful nature or our godly nature is whether we approach life with thought and will for using our godly character or the character of the sinful nature.  Our character, which is the basis of who we are, will lead to corresponding actions.  From that character we will […]

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Invade Your Normal World with the LORD.

Every day we take part in the world – thoughts about money, deliberations about our job, schedule, food, car repairs, home repairs, improvements and plans.    All those thoughts are normal, but the constant drone of the world in our hearts becomes a spirit numbing whine. We have a hard time remembering the LORD with the […]

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