Invade Your Normal World with the LORD.

Every day we take part in the world – thoughts about money, deliberations about our job, schedule, food, car repairs, home repairs, improvements and plans.    All those thoughts are normal, but the constant drone of the world in our hearts becomes a spirit numbing whine. We have a hard time remembering the LORD with the world constantly buzzing in our heads. We need to break the constant whining of the world in our ears and emphasize the LORD – such as …

1)   We want to regularly remind ourselves that the LORD’s Gospel is our salvation not all the whining in the world.

2)   Keep in mind that the LORD is ultimately in control of our world and we are not constant victims of all the world throws at us.

3)   The world may seem to control and drag around our lives, but the LORD will ultimately carry each of us and our families through the troubling times and the day-to-day chaos.

4)   Never forget or overlook that we can trust Him.  He loves us so much that God gave his only son to die for our sins.  This day-to-day stuff is a piece of cake to Him.

All the mind numbing and spirit numbing tasks of the day will always be there. Do not be conquered by your day.

Key Point:  willfully make the LORD part of our day not an afterthought or a non-thought.

Such willful focus upon the Lord who saved us is sowing with godliness.  Further sowing with godliness includes adding to our day times for prayer and Bible meditation.  Also fantastic, include a family devotion if we can.  Then we are not only sowing for ourself, but for those whom we love most.  Make sure that church is a major God focus on our weekend.  Keeping the LORD in our day is good sowing and we will reap a better harvest.

Next thought for meditation – sow to please the Holy Spirit with our character.


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